Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Visit from the Taguchis

I am finally getting around to posting about the recent visit from our Japanese relatives, who are (for now) residing in Minnesota. So, here are several pictures from their visit:

Dad & Kiyoshi had a good conversation

Johanna & Jaden had fun jumping on the trampoline with (L to R): Ayika, Hyaito & Rowena

A family picture (minus Mom, Abby & I): (L to R): Dad, Kyoka, Rowena, Johanna, Jaden, Kiyoshi , Ayika, Hyaito, Grandpa, Joel, Grandma, Dennis Jr., Aunt Becky & Rachel.

The young people's table: (clockwise around the table) Rachel, Rowena, Ayika, Johanna, Caleb, Hyaito, & Dennis Jr.

Visiting on another occasion

Hyaito performed for us the "Indian Song" beautifully

The Taguchi Family: Kyako, Hyaito, Ayika & Kiyoshi

Some of the food, prepared by Johanna & Ayika (Thank you!)

Hyaito & Ayika with the Texas Cowboy hats from "Cowtown" (i.e. Ft. Worth)

The Taguchis & some of the Kautts.

Johanna enjoyed playing & visiting with Ayika & Hyaito
Grandma & Grandpa with the Taguchis

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