Friday, June 6, 2008

Sunday afternoon at the Park

Phoebe, Jaden & Johanna ready to play~

Last Sunday afternoon, I took Phoebe, Jo & Jaden up to the big park near our house. Being in the upper 90s, with little to no shade made it less desirable, but for the water attraction. We like to go up to the park on hot summer days, to wade in the shallow waters that run around the perimeter of the park.

This time, Phoebe & I were going to play a little baseball. It was quite hot, but thankfully sunglasses help! Being a blonde, I am especially sensitive to the sun.

Jaden got into the action! He hit the ball to Phoebe & I using my Tennis racket. Sadly, our camera was in need of a "charge" so I didn't get any pictures of the little guy in action. He did have fun though. :)

Johanna is fascinated with fossils. In 2006, while exploring the "stream" we discovered much to our delight, that the white rock was chalk full of fossils. Mostly marine & invertebrates, but still this was an exciting discovery. Each time it rains, more of the rock is exposed, or washed away, bringing to light more fossils.

Johanna getting her feet wet. Thankfully, Crocs are very water friendly. They even float, and so I snapped this picture of Jo's & mine as they glided away...

After getting hot and sweaty, we took some time to swing and play on the jungle jam... always a big hit with the kids.

We always have such a blast at the park. They also have a nice bike path, and we zooming our bikes around the loop, seeing how many miles we can do before collapsing in exhaustion.

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