Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Mystery!!!

Another Mystery
By Julia Kautt (June 2008)

Clearly, Julia has had too much time on her hands. What is that contraption she thought up on her bedroom door?

Is it the seedling of a new home decorating trend? Did she run out of closet space & hangers? Was she looking for a way to use up more of the bolts & bolts of colorful wide gross-grain ribbon her mother gave her 10 years ago? (That stuff must have babies! We can’t seem to use it all up.) And just who did she convince to rig the thing anyway? Can you figure out its purpose?
Here are some clues:

1. Yes, it is a brown corduroy skirt, in perfect condition. However, it is a little too small for Abby, the smallest waist of the females. We’re glad that we didn’t pass it along, for it proved quite useful; just what we needed.

2. While we don’t follow the latest fashion trends, we do try to keep the house orderly & attractive. Abby has quite an eye for putting things together in a pleasing manner. This is not her work & probably makes her cringe. It certainly makes Julia cringe. No. This is definitely not for the aesthetics. Strictly functional.

3. The corduroy was chosen because of its texture. Smoother fabric wouldn’t suit the purpose.
Blogger's note: More clues to come (sometime in the next week, hopefully!) :)


Camille said...

I've been thinking hard! I'm guessing the corduroy skirt has been sewn up at the waist, and that ribbon has been worked it's way around the hem to make a sort of bag, which you hang on the door and use as a laundry sack. ????? =)


The Kautts said...


...we actually never thought of using it in that way before! But I don't know if the ribbon and door and everything would hold it up! The corduroy skirt in-and-of-itself is pretty heavy.

What we are using it for it pretty simple.

Here's one more clue:

4. The door is at the juncture of two halls, which adjoins busy rooms.

Now, see if you can figure it out! If it's still too hard, I'll give ya some more clues.