Saturday, June 7, 2008

More clues for the Mystery

Here are the clues I've already given:...

1. Yes, it is a brown corduroy skirt, in perfect condition. However, it is a little too small for Abby, the smallest waist of the females. We’re glad that we didn’t pass it along, for it proved quite useful; just what we needed.

2. While we don’t follow the latest fashion trends, we do try to keep the house orderly & attractive. Abby has quite an eye for putting things together in a pleasing manner. This is not her work & probably makes her cringe. IT certainly makes Julia cringe. No. This is definitely not for the aesthetics. Strictly functional.

3. The corduroy was chosen because of its texture. Smoother fabric wouldn’t suit the purpose.

...and here's one more:

4. The door is at the juncture of two halls, which adjoin busy rooms.

Also... is a picture to help you out even more:

Now, this may be one of the most helpful clues so far!



Lily and Daisy said...

Is the skirt on the garage door, and people who come in with muddy shoes clean off their shoes on the skirt? I am completely at a loss!

The Kautts said...


let me explain:

If you look at the picture on this post, you'll see that this skirt is on a door inside our house. It is on Mom's bedroom door.

Now, try to guess what it is used for. It is for a simple use.

Keep up the great guesses!


Camille said...

All right––I'm guessing the skirt is over some crack in the door and it keeps it from being too loud, so your mom can rest efficiently?

The Kautts said...


It looks like you might just be on to something!

We'll wait and see if anyone else will guess on it. Let's see...I'll give the answer by June 20th (if I remember!), if no one has guessed correctly.

Keep up the guesses, you sure are getting REAL close.

- Phoebe