Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Colorado Adventure - Sights Seen On the Return Trip

Service Station (perhaps the one and only) in Lake City, CO. Gas here was around $0.40 - $0.60 higher than in the Dallas area.
Snowy Cliffs
A snowy Uncompaghre Peak seen from Windy Point

Joel on Windy Point again - this time with about 5 inches of snow. Even though the temperature was in the lower 30's, because the sun was shining and there was no wind, I was just fine in this attire.
Snowcovered Alpines on Windy Point

Headwaters of the Rio Grande
The Creede, CO. Volunteer Fire Department Garage - Built into the side of a mountain!
Mining Museum (built into the side of a mountain) in Creede, CO.
Rugged Beauty - Creede, CO.

See the old mine buildings nestled amongst the high craggy mountains? Creede, CO.
Even a light snowfall can significantly change the appearance of the landscape.

The Hungry Logger Restaurant in South Fork, CO. We stopped here for lunch on Saturday on the way home. I enjoyed a tasty Elk burger and baked potato. I had wanted to get a Grizzly (Bear) burger, but they didn't have any Grizzly at that time.

The Hungry Logger!

The Southern end of the snowcapped Sangre De Christo (Blood of Christ) Mountains. (Between Alamosa and Walsenburg, CO.)

The (Big) Texan Steak Ranch Restaurant, Gift Shop and Hotel - Amarillo, Tx. - Home of the FREE 72oz. Steak. (Free if you eat it, and all the trimmings, in under 60 minutes... Not many people are able to.) We spent the night at the Hotel on Saturday night, and had a country-style breakfast in the Restaurant on Sunday morning before leaving for home on the final day of our adventure.


That concludes my report. I had as much fun taking these pictures as I did anything else on the trip. I also have enjoyed the opportunity to share them with you. Hope you have enjoyed viewing them.

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