Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Colorado Adventure - Majestic Beauty

As my Grandpa likes to say about taking photos in Colorado, "...all you have to do is set your camera on the timer mode, and throw it up in the air... you cannot not have a good photo." (paraphrase) In other words, Colorado is so beautiful you really don't have to be a good photographer to take pretty pictures there.

Thanksgiving Day - Mule Deer were all over the place in Lake City. We saw four deer (a buck, two does and a fawn) grazing in the yard of a house which had a camouflaged four-wheeler and a camo hunting truck! I bet that was one frustrated hunter!

Capitol City (Ghost Town) on Engineer Pass

"Lake City Silver Mines" (Ghost Town) on Engineer Pass

Chunks of ice float down a rocky river on Engineer Pass

Horses on Henson Pass

Snowy Lake Fork of the Gunnison River on Henson Pass

Un-named Mountain on Henson Pass

Joel on a scenic over look on Henson Pass with an un-named peak in background (I'm suggesting we name it Joel's Peak)

Cloudy Vale on Henson Pass

Meandering river on Henson Pass

Crooked Fence

Snowy Beaver Dam
Icy River

Mountain Log Chapel

Sunset over the San Juans

Colorado in the 1940's. Well, okay, just a doctored picture.

These are just the best of the best of the nature photos I took. Hope you enjoyed them.

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