Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Colorado Adventure - The Project

Extreme Home Makeover - Lodge Apartment Edition

Basically, as I stated in a previous post, we dismantled (to the subflooring) a modest size kitchen in order to turn it into a two-shower, two-sink, single-commode, bathroom. We also removed a wall separating two back-to-back closets in order to open that up for a hallway. A wall had to be built to facilitate the hallway as one of the closets had been inside a office / storage room. We also cut a doorway through from what had been a wardrobe closet into the office / storage room in order to complete the hallway. In essence, we enabled the Red Cloud staff to turn what had been a single apartment (with bathroom and kitchen), with a sleeping capacity of 4 into two separate apartment quarters (each with a dedicated bathroom), housing 8 - 12 people.

The Kitchen. Nice Rustic Cabinetry. Very Well Built.

The two built-in lazy susans made for interesting contortions for me as I was the smallest person and got the "privilege" of (trying to) stuffing myself into them in order to unscrew them from the base. At one point I thought the others were going to have to pull and / or cut me out!

We demolished the wall between this closet and the one directly behind it in order to build a hallway as an access to the other part of the two part apartment suite we were making.

"Big A" (Anthony) and Poppy take down the "Ventahood".

Poppy and Jay Dismantling the Former Kitchen's Countertop

Abe at work demolishing the wall separating the two closets which were removed to make a hallway.

(Trying to) Remove Stubborn and Tenacious Carpet! Arrr!
(We finally did get it out after much effort!) That's me in the white t-shirt.

New Hallway in Process

Semi-Completed Hallway

Semi-complete bathroom lavatory

Whoa, Abe, what happened?! I think we must have made a mistake in our measurements! (Actually, the distortion is from splicing two photos.) This is the outside of the bathroom that was created on the "footprint" of the kitchen which we removed.

We were able to complete the lion's share of the remodelling. Basically all that was left to do, when we had to leave for home, was texturing and painting, putting up trim and laying flooring. That will be done by Red Cloud personel.
That's the basic overview of the project. Overall it was a good, practical learning experience for me and pretty enjoyable too.
(I won't bore you with all the gory details - like how many dead packrat skeletons and carcasses we found in the walls, or how many hundreds of screws I had to drive to hang the sheet rock. Or how many goof-ups we made [not that many], or how long it took to figure out how to do certain things. Wait a second, I thought I said I wouldn't bore you... well anyway, I tried not to.)

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