Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Colorado Adventure - Sights Seen Along the Way (To)

West Texas Skies

Sunset over the wilderness in Northeastern New Mexico.

Our source for supper upon arriving in Raton, NM. on Saturday night.

Just 4 fun - timed exposure of traffic passing the Raton Electric Co. building.
Just 4 fun - an old-timey gas station with a new-timey truck - Raton, NM.

Many interesting geological formations were to be seen along the way.

A snakey river (the Rio Grande, I think).

Lines and Shadows - Near the Headwaters of the Rio Grande River

Colorado - words and photos don't do it justice... you've just got to experience it for yourself!
Headwaters of the Great River - the Rio Grande.

70 degrees, and an icy river (West side of Continental Divide - between the Spring Creek and Slumgullion Passes).

Spring Creek Pass - CO 149.

Alpines and Blue Spruce on the Continental Divide on CO 149. Notice how each of these evergreens point to heaven - the place where each person who submits to the Creator of the entire universe, Jesus Christ, as their Lord, and believes in Him as their Savior from sin, will spend everlasting life in His presence. A Christian's life should always point others to Jesus Christ.

Mesa Seco - Notice where part of the mountain has slid (at least twice in the past few hundred years) off down into the valley below. The first slide dammed the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River and formed Lake San Christobal - the 2nd largest natural lake in Colorado. Geologists estimate that part of it is still sliding down hill at the rate of 20 feet / year. By the way, I believe there is some property for sale in that valley below... anyone interested?

Uncompahagre Peak, of the San Juan Mountain Range, as seen from Windy Point on CO 149 near Lake City.

Lake San Christobal (the lake of Lake City) seen from Scenic Overlook on CO 149.

House built over a cave or old mineshaft in the side of a ravine near Lake City, CO. Is this a good idea?

That concludes our overview of sights seen along the way to Camp Redcloud. Checkout the following posts for the rest of the story.

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