Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Colorado Adventure - Fall to Winter in Less than a Week!

My Philosophy of Weather

I suppose the weather in the mountains of Colorado can change about as drastically as it often does in North Texas. When we arrived in Colorado on Sunday afternoon the temperature was around 70 degrees. The low that evening was somewhere in the upper 20's, and Monday it warmed a full 50 degrees. Very nice, fall like weather. That was not to last long.

By Tuesday the predicted cold front was beginning to make it's approaching arrival known. The temps Tuesday were in the mid 50's and lower 20's. By Wednesday evening it was downright cold with a strong wind blowing in from the North. Thursday's (Thanksgiving Day) high was somewhere in the lower 30's and the low in the 10 - 20 degree range.

Friday morning we woke up to a light snow on the ground. It snowed off and on to varying degrees of intensity (at one point the visibility was probably less than 1/4 mile) the remainder of the day, and the temps stayed in the mid to upper 20's with lows in the single digits.

At one point we noticed the thermometer was a few degrees below 0 (Fahrenheit). Saturday morning there was somewhere around 2" of snowfall and temps hovering in the upper 20's. Brrr. Interestingly enough though, when it wasn't windy it was still cold, but the difference between 15 and 35 didn't seem like much. The windchill factor really does play a large part in how cold is cold.

Drinking lots of water is key in the dry mountain air. The temp would be 20 with 70% humidity in the early morning, and then 70 with 20% by afternoon (the first two days). It really drys out skin quickly.

Red Cloud Family Camp Lodge (early in the week)

Red Cloud Family Camp Lodge (Friday morning)

(Two photos above) The valley that Camp Red Cloud is located in (early in the week)

(Two photos above) The valley that Camp Red Cloud is located in (Friday and Saturday mornings)

Yes, that does say 3 degrees fahrenheit! Brrr! (Thanksgiving Day morning)

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