Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Colorado Adventure - Sights Seen Around Camp Red Cloud

Sights Seen Around the Camp Property
(Shown in no particular order)

Sign at the Entrance to the Family Camp Campus

Red Cloud Family Camp Lodge

Red Cloud Family Camp Lodge


Horses Grazing in the Valley on Red Cloud Ranch Property.
Prairie Dog's View

Sunrise - Morning of Departure (Saturday)

Morning Sun Highlights Frost Covered Flora

2 Horse Power, All Wheel Drive, 48" Steel Rims, Hard Seats, Convertible, Great on Gas Mileage! (Heater and A/C broken)

The Ugly Mountain Framed by Two Alpines

Dawn in the Valley

Tim McKinney, Director of Red Cloud Family Camp

Family Camp Director Tim McKinney's Residence
We ate most of our meals at his home. Grams is a very good cook! Mr. McKinney is also a very good cook!

Doesn't that Dining Room Look Warm and Inviting?
(Inside the McKinney's cabin)

The Work Gang Pausing for a Portrait in the Snowflurry

(L-R: "Poppy" [Ron Russell], "Grams" [Anna Russell], Jay Russell, Abe Russell, "Big A" [Anthony Russell], Yours Truly [the only non-Russell "Russell"])

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