Thursday, June 14, 2012

An evening of fellowship

 On Monday evening, we enjoyed a cookout with some dear friend's of ours, the owners of the Local Yocal, a locally grown foods shop in downtown.  They treated us to some grass-fed beef hamburgers, and sides, and homemade Cinnamon/Peach ice cream.  We had a lively discussion about compost, since Matt's background is Agriculture.... Yes, we engage in some strange convos. ;) 
Phoebe-dear watches the H.'s youngest son, Dean (pictured in the college above).  He'll be two pretty soon, and is an active little guy.  The H.'s also have two older children, Abby (10) and Austin (8) who enjoyed playing with Jaden.  They had a "warm welcome" planned for our family upon our arrival - confetti pops and poppers. 

If you live in or near McKinney, please stop in and support our friends' business.  They have some great products for sale, and the store is just a neat place to pop into from time to time. :) 

Thank you Matt, Heather and kiddos for a delightful evening of fellowship!  Y'all are such a blessing to our family. 

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