Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Long Time, No Post...

Sorry folks, it's been C-R-A-Z-Y busy around here lately, and it's just gonna get more so as we go into the holiday season, with Thanksgiving, Christmas and such.  And, next week our family leaves on a trip to Atlanta, Georgia, to attend the National Missionary Convention and host a booth there at the convention for our family creation ministry.  Our lives currently revolve around the care of our Great Grandma McKnight, who is 96-years-old and had a massive stroke on the 15th of September.  Her situation requires 24/7 care, changing, feeding, turning, etc.  And her being in a slight coma still complicates all of that, though she opens her eyes routinely, but hasn't said a word since her stroke.  So members of our family have been taking turns staying with our Grandma Kautt and helping with the care of Great Grandma. 

Then we have all of the preparation that goes along with going on our trip and having a booth at a large convention such as the NMC will be.  Printing materials, figuring on our booth set-up, buying books, DVDs, CDs, etc. to sell, and so much more!  And, of course amidst all of this, we some how have to keep up with the laundry, house cleaning and cooking.  (If it weren't for Abby, our house would look even worse than it already does!!)  And then there's our regular weekly church activities, sermon typing, sermon mailing, visiting shut-ins & hospitalized members, etc.  All of this to restate the above mention point: we're insanely busy right now! 

Oh, and I forgot to mention, we got to see a cousin of ours (actually second cousin, once removed) from Germany, on Sunday evening.  Joachim is one of the grandsons of our Grandpa Kautt's brother, and still lives in the little village that our Great-Grandma Kautt was born in.  That was a treat! 

Our friend Alex, from Romania went back to his country.  We got to spend a lot of time with him the week before he departed, including a visit to the local Heard Museum.  We looked at their exhibits inside, then walked around on some of their nature trails, and got to view their beautiful gardens with lots of lovely flowers.  And we even got to see some dinosaurs along the trail! 

Maybe now you understand why we haven't blogged lately!!  With life this busy, there's not much time to do anything else besides living it!  =)  Enjoy the photos...

Cousin Yo visiting with Mom and Abby.

Dad & Yo laugh as they were asked to turn and look at each other for the photo.

Yo and Caleb just before we parted ways.

One of the several dinosaurs along the trail at the Heard Museum.

They walk along ahead, and I lag behind to capture a photo.

Who are these characters?  It looks like a band, or something.

Mon & Alex discuss philosophical matters as they walk the trails.

This one seemed the most ferocious of all, he even tried to bite Caleb's arm off!

The 'everyday' art and beauty of God's creation.

These are some of many gorgeous flowers they had in their flower gardens.

A close up of a beautiful flower.  Don't know what kind it is, but it's very unique.

One last photo together before Alex departs from us...

These three handsome young men were leaning on this fence, so I snapped a photo, thinking it was a great pose. =)

And I sign off, needing to "get on down the old dusty trail"! 

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Abby said...

It looks like y'all are very busy! Seeing the pictures of the Heard museum reminded me of the last time we went there, about 2 years ago, on homeschool day. We were looking at the dinosaurs, and there was a two-year-old boy ahead of us. When he saw the dinosaurs, he got really scared, but then he started singing "God is our refuge and our strength, an ever-present help in trouble! Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way!" It was so cute!