Thursday, November 3, 2011

Enjoying our time with Alex

All of us Kautt kids, minus Phoebe (she was taking the photo).


All of us Kautts (except Dad who, was at home) and our friend Alex. Alex is a foreign exchange student from Romania. We know him because his Aunt has come to our church. We are glad she introduced us to Alex-- he's a great guy! :) We enjoyed taking him around to local museums and going on outings with him.

Caleb, Jaden and Alex watching a white-tailed deer.


Ah...I LOVE fall!

Alex, at our house. Dad is at Alex's right--I didn't get a good photo of him.


Us Kautt kiddos and Alex

Yours-truly, Alex and Jaden. I wonder what was going on in that little head of Jaden's. :)


Abby said...

Some great memories! I miss Alex and really wish that we had spent MORE time with him while he was stateside.

Great candid shots girls!

The Kautts said...


I think we all miss him. ;) It was too bad we couldn't do more with him, though I am sure he was tired of us!! haha.

Love ya,
Jo <3