Monday, September 19, 2011

Four days...

...Until the first day of our conference!

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Michael Fort said...

I just ran across this quote and I thought y'all would like it:

“Because creation is a work of God, it is determined by God. If the universe is self-generated, if evolution be true, then predestination is impossible, because time is primary and determinative, and eternity is at best a product of time and determined by time. Thus man saves himself and man determines his eternal condition by his temporal choice. Creationism and predestination are logical corollaries of each other and cannot logically be separated. Any weakening of creationism is a weakening of predestination and leads to the determination of eternity by time. Arminiansim is deeply infected with Hellenic humanism and gives priority, implicitly or explicitly, to time over eternity. But if God created man and the universe, then man and the universe are products of God and are determined by Him. The doctrine of evolution, by denying God’s creative act, denies also his determination of creation, His predestination of all things. Evolution is scientific Arminianism and asserts the determination of all things by time, a universal self-generation and a possible self-regeneration.” ~ R.J. Rushdoony in “The Biblical Philosophy of History”