Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We had a superb time yesterday at the Martins' home. They are such gracious hosts (and great cooks)!! It was a very enjoyable visit with lively discussions, food, and photos.  I am sorry there are not more photos-- we were all very busy visiting and all that!

We had taco pile-ups for dinner, which were very delicious! Our whole family is a fan of Tex-Mex.

Dr. Martin, Joel and Caleb share a laugh.

This was part of the dessert: chocolate cake and Alden's ice-cream. We also had fruit-salad.

Most of the crew

L-R: Mrs. Martin, Taryn, Mirren, Mom, Dad, Phoebe and Jaden.

We Kautt girls had a lovely time catching-up with the Martin sisters. :)

After dinner discussions

Taryn, Mirren and Abby    

Thank you, Martin family, for having us over! :)

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