Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We had heard that there was a forecast of snow, possibly as much as 3-5 inches, for Sunday afternoon.  But, for some reason, I doubted that we would have much, if any at all.

We went to church, as usual, and it was rainy and quite yucky out.  At the beginning of the morning worship hour, I looked out the window, and it was starting to sleet a little.  But, by the time we opened the door after the service was done, everything was covered in white!  It had snowed almost 2 1/2 inches just in the little-over-an-hour time period of our worship service.  We were quite surprised, to say the least!  In the end, we got at least 4 inches, maybe more. 

Snow is falling...
Abs out in the snow.
Abby helped our neighbors build this snowman.  It's cute, isn't it?

Jo out in the snow.  (This looks familiar!)

Snow on the clothes line.

Johanna got this photo of our neighbor's dog.

An interesting perspective.

Snow on our concrete bench.

The sun sets behind our neighbor's snow-covered house.

We went on a walk on Sunday afternoon - Caleb took this photo while on it.

And we saw several cute snowmen while out on our walk. 


More icicles

I took this one today.  The snow is slowly starting to melt, even with the temperature at 20 degrees.


Amy Young said...

We got the same snow at our house!
We had a blast playing in the snow all day Sunday and Monday, and yesterday, when the snow was dripping off the roof, Andrew kept bringing in huge (2 1/2 feet) icicles. It was very fun and very beautiful.

Miss Linda said...

Hello, Phoebe. We only received a slight dusting of snow Sunday and a bit more precipitation on Monday in Dallas. The pictures you posted were so beautiful! I hope you all had fun enjoying such a rare winter event!

The Kautts said...

I was so thrilled when I realized that it was snowing Sunday afternoon! I got up from my chair and raced to the window where I immediately took a video of the beautiful sight. :)

These pictures are good sisters.


The Kautts said...


Yes, we had some huge icicles around here, as well. Jaden had fun searching for them, and then coming in and showing them to us.

Miss Linda,

Hmmm... So you got less than we did? That's interesting. I was quite surprised at how much we atually got.

Yes, it was indeed a rare event.

~ Phoebe