Monday, January 17, 2011

A New Look

Last Wednesday evening, since there was no Bible study at our church, we decided to embark on a not-so-small project: rearranging our living room.  We got the majority of it completed that evening, which included moving two large bookcases, which were filled with books, and two couches (that was the easy part!). Now the room has a totally new look!

Who is this corkster?  =) 

Caleb helped so much with the moving.  Thank you, bro!

This is what it looked like before (sort of).

In the process...

The book-less shelves.


And more books...

And, yes, even more books!!

Caleb had to drill a hole for the cords of our DVD/VCR player, and our TV to go through. 

1 shelf moved, 1 more to go.

Yours-truly moving the couch into place.

And, here I am finishing putting up the pictures on the wall.

Totally exhausted... =)

And, now we have an area where people can chat without being interrupted by people walking through the middle.

A new look...


Abby said...

It looks very nice! Y'all did a great job!
Abby Y.

The Kautts said...

Thanks! It's fun to have a new look and feel to a room that's been the same (basically) for the last 10 years!! =)

~ Phoebe