Friday, October 1, 2010

Please pray

The following is from our sister Abby's post on her blog (

I am sitting here in Dallas at my Grandparents house writing this.  Tonight my family and I are here helping out my grandma, fixing dinner, doing yard work and spending time with her.  My grandfather is very ill, in a rehab facility, but he doesn't seem to be getting any stronger.

He was hospitalized last week due to the fact that he was feeling very unwell.  And now he is is rehab for 20 days, but he seems so weak and vulnerable.  He fell this afternoon, thankfully nothing was broken, only a small scrap, but he was bruised and tired.

Our visit was short as he wanted to rest, but nice and he tried to talk but his voice was so weak and his throat dry which made communication difficult. He wants us to come and see him everyday.  I don't know if we'll be able to see him that often, but we do need to come down and spend every precious moment we possibly can.

Here's how you can pray:

  • That Grandpa would have an appetite and would eat heartily of every meal and snack so that he can gain strength.
  • That Grandpa would be able to get rest during the day and sleep at night to revitalize his body, mind and soul.
  • That Grandpa would be enthused about his physical therapy.
  • That God would be nearer and dearer to Grandpa and Grandma during these difficult days of transition.
  • That Grandma would be able to continue with strength and comfort her regular schedule and not worry about Grandpa, have long and restful sleep at night, and great days!  That Grandpa would also have great days, even while he is separated from the rest of his family.
  • That Grandpa would be able to come home soon and be in better spirits when he does.
  • That all our family would come together and be a strong support for Grandpa and Grandma. 
  • That God would give peace to all of us, and wisdom so that we would make the best decision to help Grandpa and his health issues.
Thank you so very much for joining me in lifting up my Granddad!!!   

 More recent updates:

(September 29th, 2010)
Grandpa is in ICU as of yesterday afternoon.  We just got a call from the hospital saying that he is not doing so well right now.  Your prayers for him and all of us would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you so very much! 

Currently, Grandpa is still in the ICU and has a kidney infection, among other problems. Please continue to pray for our family! Read Abby's two blogs ( and and her for more updates on Grandpa's condition.


Johanna said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear about your Grandpa! I will pray!

Also, about your Dress dear Johanna! I would suggest you be Rosa! From the lamplighter book Rosa of Linden Castle! Rosa is a virtuess young maiden, who is fervant on serving her Heavenly Father! If you have not yet read the book I would encourage you to! She is also set in the era of kings, castles, knights, dungons, etc! I believe that is around the midevil era! Let me know if this helps!

Love in Christ,

Johanna said...

Oh! So sorry! I must have misunderstood you dear Johanna! No, Rosa is not historical! Hmmmmm....I really have not read very much real history that is set in the time era! So sorry!

Let me know wha you end up making! Costumes are always fun to make!