Friday, September 17, 2010

Glorious Colorado!

We have had so much fun playing rounds and rounds and rounds of Mexican Train!
The beautiful view at the Head Waters of the Rio Grande River.

Aspens surround an old cabin at Capitol City, Colorado.
It's amazing the color variety in just one kind of tree: Aspens.
Yes, we made it all the way to the top of California Pass!  The view was literally breathtaking.

On the top of the world: O-Point.
You get yet another awesome view on top of Engineer Pass.

More photographs to come later!


Anonymous said...

AWESOME, Phoebe and Abby! :) I'm turning into a "jealous box". :) Love the photos. Can't wait to have you both back-- miss you a bunch--- an your good cooking! Uh, we manage, somehow! LOL!

Have fun-- the last full day in CO.

Love you both,

Allison said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! What an experience!

Love in Christ,

The Kautts said...

@ Allison - Amen! I can't agree more!