Thursday, September 23, 2010

Colorado Panoramas

This panorama was taken atop California Pass. [Note: the two pink people are both Abby. =)]

The view from Engineer Pass.  What an awesome sight to behold!

We stayed at Red Cloud, a christian camp located in the heart of the San Juan mountains.

One of the nights during sunset we could see the sun reflecting of the rain in the distance.  It was quite spectacular! 

If you look very closely at the bottom right side of this panorama, you'll see the lodge at the camp we were staying at.  We took this from the side of one of the neighboring mountains. 

A truly awesome view from O-Point, looking out into Ouray, Colorado, located somewhere back in those mountains. 
Abby and I had such a wonderful time in Colorado, enjoying God's beautiful creation, relaxing, serving the Lord in different projects at the camp, and going on intriguing adventures.

I hope to post some more photos, as well as a more detailed description of our trip, very soon!  Stay tuned.

Note: all photos are the property of the Kautt family.


Rebecca Loomis said...

Wow! These are beautiful pictures of God's creation! Thanks for sharing. : )

The Kautts said...

Yes, I'm pleased with how well they turned out! (A lot of that has to do with having a good camera!!)

Colorado is truly the place to see God's majesty displayed through His creation.

Thanks for the comment!! =)

- Phoebe

Allison said...

How beautiful! The editing is really cool, too. What a wonderful trip!


The Kautts said...

Thanks! The only editing I did was the black vignette and our 'logo'. Otherwise, the camera gets the credit for the rich colors. =)

Thanks for commenting!


Allison said...

Wow, I'm even more impressed, then!


The Kautts said...

Thank Canon for making great cameras! =)