Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Verse of the Day - Legacy of Fools

"The curse of the Lord is on the house of the wicked, but He blesses the home of the just. Surely He scorns the scornful, but gives grace to the humble. The wise shall inherit glory, but shame shall be the legacy of fools." - Proverbs 3:33-35

Wisdom is readily available to anyone. The only question is whether or not people will seek it. And if they do not seek it, they are responsible for their foolish decision. Proverbs 5:12-13 describes the ultimate despair experienced by those who reject wisdom in the following way: "How I have hated instruction, and my heart despised correction! I have not obeyed the voice of my teachers, nor inclined my ear to those who instructed me!" 

Shame will be the ultimate legacy of fools, as they stand before the judgment seat of God and realize they rejected the most precious gift they could have ever received - eternal life.

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