Friday, August 6, 2010

Quick Quotes - Christian Bookstores

Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr., in his book Family Driven Faith, wrote the following about Christian bookstores: "Furthermore, there ought to be a sign posted in every Christian bookstore that reads, 'The views expressed in these books do not necessarily express the views of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.'"1

1Voddie Baucham, Jr., Family Driven Faith, pg. 112, copyright 2007 Crossway books, Wheaton, Ill.


Abby said...

Great stuff Caleb! I just wish that more Christians were discerning enough to realize the truth behind Mr. Baucham's statement.

Keep up the quality blogging bro!

The Kautts said...

Yes. Maybe we need to start a 'sticker campaign' and go around putting this slogan on the doors of Christian bookstores! Well, okay, we'd probably get in trouble for that. Caveat emptor. Let the buyer beware.

"Walk with wisdom...redeeming the time." Colossians 4:5.