Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Special Lunch

Yesterday we were very glad to have the Jobe Martin family over for lunch.  Dr. Jobe has spoken at our two creation conferences, Answering Darwin, in February 2009 and Evolution: Trick or Treat, in November 2009.   After those conferences we have visited them at their home two times, including having lunch with them this past spring.  So, we decided it was time to get together again, and we would be the hosts.

We had a wonderful time yesterday, with delicious food and encouraging fellowship.  Enjoy the photos!

Getting started on our delicious lunch!

When we were nearing the end of lunch, Abby and I decided to...

...run over to Target, and get some...

...Bryers ice cream to go with the peach pie.

Visiting at the lunch table.

Taryn and Mirren were gracious in helping us with the loads of dishes!  Thank you, Taryn and Mirren!  And while we ladies were working on the dishes...

...the guys were visiting with Dr. Martin around the table.

We were honored to be able to video interview Dr. Martin (for the second time), and ask a couple more questions we wanted Dr. Martin's perspective on.

During the interview, I'm told, the ladies talked about more interesting topics, such as college, schooling, etc.  (I was manning the video camera during the interview, so I wasn't in on the conversation.)

Before they headed off, we snapped a photo of the Jobe Martin family: (L to R) Dr. Jobe, Jenna Dee, Taryn and Mirren.

All in all, we had a fantastic visit, and, as always, it was way too short!  We'll have to do it again soon, it's always an encouragement. 

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