Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chivalry is Dead, So They Say

I'm a little confused.  


Yesterday I happened across a news story that puzzles me.  


Worst date ever: Boyfriend bails as foul ball hits girlfriend


At a Houston Astros ball game, a spectator  jumped out of the way of a ball that was hit into the stands.  Nothing unusual there.  But the rub is that the ball struck his girlfriend.  The story gives him a hard time about not doing the chivalrous thing by throwing himself in the way to protect her.


So they're saying chivalry is officially dead.


I think I know who or what killed it.




In general, the media promotes feminism - equal rights for the women.  Equal pay.  Equal job opportunities.  Equal treatment, even to the point of serving in combat.  And please don't open the door for the woman.  Thank you very much, she's strong.  She can do that for herself.


So why is the media in this case giving a guy grief for treating his girlfriend as a feminist?  She's a big girl.  Let her take care of herself.


Let's be consistent here.  Ladies, you can't have it both ways.  You can't be the Helen Reddy lion, roaring, and expect to be protected by the very men you scorn.


After thinking about it, maybe this isn't about disgruntled women who want protection.  Maybe this is another instance of media male-bashing.  Have you ever noticed that the TV shows, the movies, the ads on the radio nearly always portray the woman as the smart one and the guy as a perfect dolt.


That is counter to God's design.  Read Genesis 1.  Adam was very smart.  The New Testament talks repeatedly about wives honoring husbands as the heads of household.  Feminists hate those passages. But those verses in no way demean the woman.  It's a matter of who is going to be in charge.  And, are we going to follow God's design.  Women can be smart and Biblically submissive.  And men definitely need to be intelligent to lead a family in a way that pleases the Lord.  Even though I'm a woman (and fairly intelligent), I guess I'm just standing up for the underdog here.  I'm sick of the male-bashing.


My fellow Christian women, I'm challenging you/me to treat our husbands like the smart guys God designed them to be.  If they act stupid, maybe it's because we expect it or we tell them they're stupid.  Let's honor our husbands and our fathers.  Let's show the world that the Lord's ways are higher and nobler and satisfying.  And instead of criticizing our husbands every time they goof up, let's pray for them.  They've got a tough job.  One day they will stand before the Lord and give account for how they took care of and led their wives and children.




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