Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Making Baked-Goods

Recently I learned how to make whole wheat raised bread.  It's been fun doing a lot of baking!  So far I've made: bread loaves, bread sticks, bagels and biscuits.  It's nice to be able to make these things for yourself!


My latest batch in whole wheat raised bread.

Cinnamon/Raisin Bagels, and bread sticks.

Biscuits for Caleb's birthday.


Anna Kiser said...

I saw your blog link and was wondering if you would enter my blog party? I haven't started it yet, because I want to know that I have enough people to enter it first. Here's my link:
Anna Kiser

Abby said...

Hello Phoebe!
I really like making bread, too! I have been making it occasionally for several years. I like making biscuits, too. I've never made bagels, maybe I'll have to try that next!
Abby Y.

Amy Young said...

That little anti-snitching sign you posted was hilarious, Phoebe! I bet it was very necessary; those baked goods look good, indeed!

The Kautts said...


A blog party sounds pretty fun, but right now we probably couldn't do it. Thanks for the invite though!

And, thanks for commenting. We always enjoy people's feedback!


Do you make raised bread? Before I tried making raised bread we just made flat "biscuit bread", as we called it. It was flatter and more crunchy.

Bagels are fun to make. :) And they turned out quite good. I think I needed to add a few more raisins, though. ;)


Yes, that sign was quite important in keeping the little 'snitchers' from snitching. :)

Thank you one and all for your comments!

In Christ Alone,

Abby said...

Yes, I've made raised bread, usually whole wheat, or oatmeal. We've also had flat bread, but that was usually a mess-up. (Forgetting the baking powder:).