Saturday, July 31, 2010

Family Trip - Part 3: Creation Museum

DANGER:  This is a really long post!

We took so many pictures inside the Creation Museum, and out in the gardens, that it's hard to choose which ones to post up here.  Several of them weren't the best quality, so that helps in the picking process.  But I'll put the good ones up, and hope you enjoy them!

We're getting close!!

And we're finally there!!  Yeah!

The front of the Creation Museum.  There was a crowd of people who were going to get a group tour.

This is what you will see when you walk in the front door.  To the left is a 'rock' wall that reaches all the way to the ceiling.  And, if you look close, you'll notice that there are 4 or 5 different rock "layers".

This is one of the animatronic (spelling??) children in the area where you start your tour.

And here is the famous animatronic dinosaur, which looms above your head as you begin your tour.

The main part of the tour starts here, in the Grand Canyon hallway. 

The fossil dig site.  These manikins have an amazingly real-life appearance.  There was some real talent that went into this exhibit, and really into ALL of the museum.  It's profoundly high-tech.  The pictures do no justice.

Jaden (bottom, center) in front of one of the dinosaurs.

Joel at the bottom of the Grand Canyon! 

The Old Testament was represented in these three historical Bible characters: Isaiah, Moses and David.

Martin Luther nailing the 95 Theses on the church door.  Ken Ham and AIG are calling Christians to do the same in our day. 

This 'ghetto alley-way', as I call it, was very interesting.  Again, a lot of talent went into making this.

This is the sad state of our Nation and world today.

The Millions of Years wrecking-ball at the base of the church.

Don't we just look intrigued? :)

Caleb and Joel in the Garden of Eden.

Yes, humans lived with dinosaurs!

The guys with one of the many dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden. 

Adam and Eve.

"The world's not safe anymore."  Notice the 8 or 9 different locks on the door.

The post-fall animatronic dinosaur, hovering over his dead prey. 

Adam and Eve, post-fall.

Noah and one of his sons preparing the ark.

This is one of my favorite exhibits in the whole museum.  Again, so much talent went into the design and building of this exhibit.  Amazing. 

One of the many model arks throughout the museum.

Jaden got to ride on the Triceratops!

The gardens are absolutely gorgeous!  So many different plants and flowers.

The arbor from across the lake.

The many flowers along the trail.

You will see this beautiful waterfall as you begin your journey down the Nature Trail.

This is one of my favorites in the gardens!  Try to go across without hands, it's quite hard!

A beautiful spot to stop and rest in the cool shade.

Apparently we only got a few photos from the Petting Zoo.  This one is of a Zedonk (I think?).  They had sheep, goats, a cow, a camel, a couple of lamas and some other animals.  

Check back soon for pictures from the rest of our trip!

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