Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jo's Birthday Pictures

I got around to posting pictures sooner than I thought! Enjoy!

The cup cakes rising to a nice rounded top

Frosting the cup cakes with cream cheese frosting (let me know if you want the recipe, it's very simple)

Frosting the cake (which was made out of the same batter as the cup cakes)

Spooning the frosting into a plastic bag to decorate the cake

Now for the fun of decorating :)

The flower on Jo's cake

Jo helping to decorate her own cake :)

The finished product

Preparing the cheese quesadillas

The delicious filling

Altogether now!

The finished cup cakes. The green frosting we just drizzled on top.

The delicious birthday meal: Quesadillas, vegetable stir-fry, whipped pinto beans and guacamole/salsa

Caleb preparing a special drink: Blueberry/Pomegranate "wine"

Jo opening her gifts. Jaden gave her balloons along with several smaller items

Caleb's card with a wax seal he made

Jo also got stickers from Jaden. He was very generous :)

The food posters by Jaden and Phoebe

Lighting the candles... make a wish...

"Wait! I thought you were supposed to eat the cake, NOT the candles!"

Jo and all of her gifts

Johanna wanted everyone to know that the dress she wore, is the dress she's worn for the past 4 birthdays. :)


Ashley Sebo said...

How fun!! This was a fun post to read, Phoebe!!:) Thank so much for sharing it!!

Looks like your sister had a very pleasant birthday!!:) That was so sweet of your family to make her day so special!

The dress which Jo, wore, is made from two materials I have seen before. The top one, is the same as the curtains in our trailer!!:)
It is so pretty!!

Your meal sounded delicious!! Our family really enjoys enchiladas, as well!!:) Nice job on the cake! It was very pretty!! I imagine your sister really liked it!!:)
Thank you for sharing this!! Have a wonderful rest of the evening!!:)

Abby said...

Happy late birthday Johanna! I wanted to tell you something funny Alvin said this morning. He and I were looking at pictures on the computer, and there was a picture of when we went shooting together. Alvin said: "Daddy, Amy, da?" "That's Johanna, Alvin." "Hojanna?" I thought that was really funny. He calls me Babby!

The Kautts said...

Dear Ashley,

I'm glad you enoyed reading Jo's birthday post!

Yes, it seems like the two different fabrics on her dress are very common.

We also love enchiladas! Actually, we love anything Mexican. Tacos, fajitas, guacamole, etc. Yum, yum!

Thanks for commenting!

The Kautts said...

Dear Abby,

Thanks for sharing that funny thing Alvin said!  I’ve been called all sorts of “nicknames” by little children. -- Like, Joh-AN-a, Jo, HAN-na, Johannah, Hannah, and now Hojanna!!! How cute. ;-)

Babby is a funny nickname too. Sounds like something Alvin would call you!

We think of y’all a lot.


P.S. I am so sorry it took me SO long to reply. We were having some internet problems.