Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jo - 1 Day Late

Johanna Ruth Kautt

Yesterday was Johanna's 12th birthday. I was so busy baking her cake and cup cakes, along with preparing for her special supper meal, that I wasn't able to post something about her birthday, ON her birthday.

Please visit Abby's blog, and read the post about Johanna's birthday. Abby always says it so well!

We had a great celebration last evening, with cheese quesadillas for the special part of her meal. Then, for dessert we had hummingbird cake, with mango coconut milk ice cream. Then to top it off, a very mysterious-cold dessert. Very fattening. :)

I hope to post pictures soon, possibly tomorrow.


Abby said...

Happy Birthday Johanna!!!
Abby Y.

The Kautts said...


Thank you so much.

As you can see on the second Birthday post, I had quite a nice time on my Birthday.


Ashley Sebo said...

I'm so sorry this is SO late!!:)

Happy Belated Birthday, Johanna!!I have really enjoyed getting to know your family through your fun posts! Keep up the great work!! May the Lord bless you as you seek to serve Him!!:) May He draw you closer to him this next year of your life!!:)

Have a wonderful evening!!:)

The Kautts said...

Dear Ashley,

Do not worry about being so late regarding the Birthday wishes! I was just as slow to respond-- we've been having some internet problems.

I had a great time on my Birthday, as you can see! :)

It was snowing on Thursday the 11th. There was about 7 to 8 inches or so on the ground. That was the 6th time it's snowed this winter here in Texas. Perhaps we'll post some photos of that. :) My brother Caleb told me that it's the most the Dallas Texas area has gotten in recorded history!!! Wow!
We made two small snow forts (we used our recycle bin and trash bin to make big blocks) and a snow “igloo”, two or three snowmen (one for one of our neighbors), explored our yard and did some small snowball fights!

Thank you for your encouragement and Birthday greetings to me. And again, sorry for taking so long to reply.