Friday, January 15, 2010

Germany Pictures

Dad flew out from DFW around 2:30pm on Monday afternoon. After having two layovers, one in Raleigh (North Carolina) and the other in London, he arrived in Germany on Tuesday around 5pm Germany time. After looking around at a Christmas market, they finally got back to Jim & Naomi's house. After being up for over 28 hours, they finally went to bed, I'm sure exhausted.

The Sternenback super-market

The front of the shop below Jim & Naomi's apartment

Their apartment from far away

A veggie market along the road

The streets of Tubingen

Dad's room

Sunday morning service at International Christian Church

Jim leading the song service, with Naomi playing the piano

English Bible study on Sunday evening

Ludwig and Ruth's abode

Joachim, Raphael, Martina and Tabitha Kautt

The view from Ludwig and Ruth's back porch

Ruth's nativity scene

A German barn

Jim, Mousa, Sami, Conny & Naomi

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