Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fellowship with friends part 1

Six days ago, we had a great visit at some of our friends house. Below are some photos of the visit. I hope to post more soon.

Lil' Stephen :-)

Me (Johanna) and my sweet little buddy Stephen Wahlquist ;-) This was a self portrait.

Mom chats with Elisha W. about writing while Stephen watches.

Debs and I draw together after dinner (photo courtesy of Elisha Wahlquist)

Stephen listens to Deborah read a funny book

Talking after dinner. L-R: Phoebe, Abby, Elisha W., Deborah W., Caleb, Nathaniel W., Ben W., Mr. Wahlquist and Dad.

Abby chats with Elisha and Beth in the guest house

Beth's beautiful harp

Deborah sits on the guesthouse window sill.

Deborah plays with Benjamin's playmobile

Dad and Jaden (photo courtesy of Elisha W.)

Beth W., Abby, Stephen W., Phoebe, Me and Deborah W. (photo courtesy of Elisha Wahlquist)

Beth W., Abby, and Stephen W. (Photo courtesy of Elisha Wahlquist)

Background: Mom and Mrs. W. chat in the kitchen. Foreground: Andrew W. being exhorted by Joel.

L-R: Abby, Stephen W., Phoebe, and me (photo courtesy of Elisha Wahlquist)

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