Monday, December 1, 2008

National Missionary Convention Report - part 2

We thought these stoplight posts in downtown Sapulpa were very "small-town-like"

First Christian Church in Sapulpa, where we were so graciously allowed to lodge the 3 nights

During one of the sections on Saturday night

Creation Truth Foundation also had a couple of dinosaurs!

Another dinosaur! Raaooorrrr!

Uncle Jimmy seemed to like this coyote skin that was at the Native American Ministry's booth

This large teepee was at a Native American Ministry's booth

Uncle Jimmy talking to a Chinese young lady who stopped by.

Voice of the Martyrs had this monument with names of modern day martyrs, ancient martyrs & Biblical martyrs.

The whole group: (L to R, standing) Johanna, Caleb, Dad & I, (L to R, sitting): Uncle Jimmy & Jaden
All ready to leave the Convention Center
At the lunch table

A group picture with the Ort Family

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