Sunday, November 30, 2008

National Missionary Convention Report - part 1

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We left our house in McKinney around 11:00am. ( seems like us Kautts can never get out of here before 10:00am :) The trip to Tulsa took around 5 hours (we stopped 2-3 times). We arrived at the First Christian Church in Sapulpa (which is around 10-15 miles south-west of Tulsa) around 4:00pm. We unloaded the needed items (bedding, food, etc.) & cleaned-up, took showers, etc. When we finally headed out toward Tulsa, it was around 6:00pm. We got to the Convention Center around 6:30pm. We went around to the back, and unloaded our items. We had our booth set up by around 7:30pm.

Caleb & I setting up our booth

Talking with founder of Colegio Biblico, Harland Cary.

We had many interesting conversations with many different people. One of the most interesting (in my opinion) was the lengthy conversation we had with Harland Cary, founder of Colegio Biblico. He and his wife were married for 70 years, until she died on November 11, 2008. To me, just being married for that long is amazing!! He has 4 children, 15 grand-children & 30 great-grandchildren. He is a very profound man.

On our way to the Convention Center, we noticed that we had to cross a street: Mission St. It seemed to fit right in :)

Uncle Jimmy's booth (Internation Student Mission)

There was even a Haitian man who stopped by. He was looking for French material. He said that the native language in Haiti is Creole, but the national or "official" language is French. He got a French All God's Children board book.

One woman that stopped by has a son who is a missionary in China (he lives in Beijing), so she bought for him a All God's children board book in Chinese. She also got All God's Children in German & English. She said that they are a home school family, which is another interest fact. :)

Dad talking to three long time friends: (L to R): Jim Hardwick, Craig Vanderburgh & Larry Griffin

Several people we (at least Dad, Mom & Uncle Jimmy) knew (from places like Draper Park Christian Church where Dad used to preach, Dallas Christian College, etc.) stopped by, which included: Craig Vanderburgh, Larry Griffin (one of our cousins) & Jim Hardwick.. Dad & Uncle Jimmy had a good time talking to these men.

A few people even asked if Ken Ham was there, or if we were with Creation Truth Foundation, Answers in Genesis or Institute for Creation Research. Of course, we said that "no", but that we were just complimenting these ministries. They (CTF had a booth there as well) had items that we didn't have, we had items that they didn't have.

Dr. G. Thomas Sharp, with Creation Truth Foundation, speaking at one of his workshops at his booth.

One lady stopped by and commended us for carrying on the work of her late husband, who worked closely with Institute for Creation Research. Her husband was a speaker with Creation Science Association, he had had booths at the NMC for 15 or 20 years, until his death 3 years ago. She was sad to see how many people believe in (Macro) Evolution, and many without even knowing. She was glad to see people like us working to bring the culture back to the Truth about Genesis.

Dad talking to Georg & Martha Ort, with Literacy & Evangelism International, at our booth

In the course of the Convention we met another homeschooling family: the Ort family. As we (Caleb & Johanna) talked to Paul & Ana Marie (two of the three children, Peter is the youngest) we found out that our two families had a lot of similarities. For example, when Paul mentioned that he was in college, Caleb asked him what program he was using. Paul said that he was using College Plus! Joel is going to be using College Plus! starting January. Also, they know some of the same families that we know (or know of) (why are we surprised?! :). They know the Servens & the Wahlquists. Anyway, we thought that was a very interesting conversation (you'll hear more about the Orts later on in the report).

Each night we left the Convention Center after 10:30 (one night it was after 10:45), always got back to the church after 11:00, and got to bed after mid-night. Thankfully, though, we all were so worn out that we just laid down & snoozed right off.

Will continue the story later...

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