Sunday, August 31, 2008

Report from Arkansas~

I am here in our hotel room in Jonesboro. We're getting cleaned up for church. We slept in today, so we're a little later this morning.

Last night we met with all of relatives (except for Barry), at a restaurant called 'Western Sizzlin' (definitely a Arkansas name!!). We had a great time visiting, laughing (we always do), filling our selves to the full on the yummy food. We met around 7:30pm, and ate, then went to Uncle Paul & Aunt Loretta's house. We were there till about 11pm. We talked, we laughed, we played games. It was fun.

We are planning on going to church here in Jonesboro, with all the clan. Afterwards we'll go out to eat, or to one of the houses.

We've tried to upload so pictures, but it hasn't worked for us. If we do figure it out, we'll definitely post some.

Have a good Sabbath,

P.S. Grandma (Kautt), Grandma (McKnight), Joel & Abby all say "Hi".

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