Thursday, June 19, 2008

A trip to Cabella's

[Please forgive the disintegrated sentences and words in this post; our computer is messing up on us.] Have you ever heard of the outfitter's heaven called Cabella's? Well, it is a store, yes, but it is also almost a museum. The one here is the Dallas/Fort Worth area is located about 45 miles Southwest of here, so we don't go to it very often. As a matter of fact, only Joel, Jaden, and myself (Caleb) have been to it. Nevertheless, at ours you will see a "mountain" inside of the building covered with dozens of stuffed animals like mountain goats, mountain lions, black bears, brown bears, polar bears, musk oxen, moose, deer, antelope, etc.

In each wing of the store, there is a different outdoor theme. On one side is the American backwoods, on another the African dessert plains, on the other a beaver dam pond. Pretty neat stuff! Like I have said to some folks before, Cabella's is an experience!

Near the firearms sales section of the store there is what Cabella's calls the "Gun Library," which is filled with lots of expensive guns. I took a shot of one of these.

Here are some pictures of Joel's and my last visit to Cabella's about 3 weeks ago.

Tis' one expensive piece - $16,199.00! Most likely, if one were to buy this gun, they wouldn't want to shoot it!!

The elephant in the African Plains exhibit - the real deal!

The lions guarding there Musk Ox against...

...The hyenas!

This is what I call the "Dessert Crag exhibit" on one side of the "Synthetic mountain"

The "American Backwoods" side of the "Synthetic Mountain"

The beaver dam on the fishing side of the mountain

Front side of the Mountain

The Arctic side of the mountain

Enjoy the pictures!


Farm Fresh Jessica said...

We love Cabela's! It's fun to just go there to hang out!

The Kautts said...

Hello Jessica,

From what the guys tell me, Cabella's is a really cool place to go and visit! Cheap fun I guess you could call it.