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Christians and Politics

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I just wanted to post an article (used with permission) written by Mr. Kevin George. Mr. George ran for U.S. Congress Texas District 4 this past year. Although he did not win in the primaries, his campaign as The Constitutional Republican Candidate did very well considering the fact that this was his first attempt at running for public office. Of course, he and I would both recognize that is was the LORD's Hand at work in all of this.

Mr. George wrote this article to give to attendees at the Texas State Convention of the Republican Party held in Houston this past week. Mr. George, along with many other like-minded individuals attended as a Delegate from his Senate District.

If you want to read a little bit more about Mr. George visit his website:

- Joel


Dare to Choose Liberty!
Dear RPT Convention attendee,
You may have heard that there are many new people involved in the Republican
Party, and that they want to “take over.” Who are these people, and what do they want?
The majority of those who want to “take over” are those who passionately believe in liberty and limited government. Our current government has become an organized, corrupt system, and so has much of the party leadership. Our
government, and the party leadership, do not respect the law, starting with the
Constitution. The Constitution guarantees to the people and the States their Godgiven rights, and denies all non-delegated powers to the federal government.
But for decades the government, as well as both political parties, have
trampled on, rebelled against, and deliberately refused to abide by the
Constitution. It is time to change this rebellion! This is why many believe
that to continue with the same direction in the political party will only make
things worse, and the leadership must be changed.
The current state Party Rules have worked very well for conservative grassroots
activists. But the RPT has repeatedly refused to abide by those rules! The rules
are being ignored so the corrupt leadership can maintain its corrupt control.
This is why they prefer to meet in closed committees, and disregard other rules. If you endorse the leadership, you are being an accessory to their crimes against the people who are fighting the lies, hypocrisy, and corruption within the party.
I am so saddened that many Christians who claim to believe in God, our Creator, do not truly trust Him. Instead, they trust in men, military, and organizations.
There is a proper place for these, but their trust has gone way too far. Our motto is, “In God we trust.” But for most people it has become “In government we
trust.” Our frequent “God bless America” statements must be disgusting to Him who has been rejected.
Why not just trust God again? This would mean liberty! Liberty means limited
government, restrained to the bare minimums necessary to maintain justice and national defense. Let the people be free. I realize that, as in the ancient nation of Israel, when people cease to trust God in their hearts (even though they say they do with their lips) they always request that a king or a strong government be erected to provide security and order. But this strong government eventually becomes organized corruption, overpowers the people, and destroys the nation.
When people reject God (as our nation has done), it is still preferable to have
disorganized corruption rather than organized corruption. Consider what you are doing at the convention. Many Christians are letting their fear of Islam and a degenerate culture overpower their trust in God. This is reflected in their attempt to force control through legal channels, and they end up losing respect and integrity. The world sees through the hypocrisy, leading to a further hardening of their distrust toward all things deemed religious.
May I remind you that even though Islam has killed millions, organized, corrupt governments have killed hundreds of millions. In my day-to-day living I fear what the anti-God, corrupt State will do to me, my children, and my country, far more than I fear what Islam will do to us. If Christians don’t repent of their distrust of God and their love for big-government ideas of “security,” God will soon turn us all over into the hands of our new master (a total police state), and we will be severely punished for our unbelief.
I became engaged in the political process because I see that our problems are
spiritual at their root, and a bigger, all-intrusive and all-controlling government
is anti-God in its philosophy, actions, and goals. While it may look inviting to use the government to force our God-given biblical values, there comes a point
beyond which it backfires and the controls we set up for good end up being used
against us. In the end, it is better to trust in God and not force our values beyond what our pagan society can handle.
America used to be a Christian nation in many respects. But it is now a pagan
nation, and cannot be cured or rescued through the political process. We
Christians need to remain aggressively involved, but not kid ourselves by
thinking that we are justified when we break the law or use legal force to impose our views. This always backfires and ends up with a deeper disrespect and
outright hatred toward all things and people who represent God, and this is what we are experiencing more and more.
So, please consider what you are doing at the Texas RPT convention. Vote for
liberty, and a renewed trust in God. Reject corruption, (yes, even “Christian” corruption), and reject the ideas of big government that are being increasingly used to bind us into a darkened, pagan system of total State control.
May God grant us liberty from government tyranny, so we may trust and praise
Him, not the State.
For God, family, and country,
Kevin George

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