Friday, April 18, 2008



This afternoon while Jaden and I were going through his wardrobe, (seeing what needed to be put up because it was too small, getting out new clothing, etc.), he looked up at me while pulling on his socks and said, "boy these socks are sure holy. Not holy in the sense of like God, but holy in the sense of there are lots of holes in my socks." He was so serious, and inwardly I was laughing because of the funny expression on his face and his large Muskidine eyes!

Jaden has really grown up. He is so funny, and yet he can also be very serious. Earlier I gave him a haircut, he really needed it, but I hated having to cut off all of those cute, long waves.

Needin' a cut!

Jaden kept moving, back and forth, side to side. The vibrations from our electric hair trimmer were "making my back tickle." He kept requesting Phoebe (who was assisting me in this process), to "hold his head", it was hilarious!

Cutting his curly locks

We finally got his hair cut, and boy is it short! I already miss his curls. He looks like a different person when his hair is short. ;)

All done! His hair is really short now!

I am so thankful that 5 years ago, God sent us a blessing in the form of Jaden.

I loYe you Buck!

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