Saturday, February 9, 2008


This has been a week full of surprises, of which I will share non (at this present time). You'll have to wait all week-end long, guessing, pondering and driving yourselves crazy trying to figure out just what the surprise is!

On Monday I hope to blog some about this weekend and the wedding we have to attend, and of course the surprises. :)

Please pray for our family this weekend because we have a very hetic weekend. Here are some of the things we have going:

  • Aunt Jennifer & Uncle Charles' wedding Sunday. Be in prayer for them and for Jennifer's daughter Lexi. They will be traveling to CO for their wedding trip. Pray for a wonderful time skiing and whatever else, plus for safe road and air travel both for J & C, and also for Lexi and Baylee who will be joining them (Lord willing) this coming Tuesday. They are flying so be in prayer for these two young counsins that they will have a wonderful flight.
  • Church services. Pray that our attendance will be up from last week. We've had several people ill and out of town lately, so the attendance is pretty low. BTW for Mr. A's info, Mr. T was able to go home from the hospital last evening. He is doing much better.
  • Safe travel for our family as we travel to Tyler for Jennifer's wedding, also pray for Joel and our cousin Reece as they'll be leaving earlier on Sunday for the trip to Tyler.
  • Pray for Mom & Gammy as they will be here in McKinney. Due to Mom's illness and other things she will not be making this trip. Pray that everything goes just great for these two and that nothing serious happens (though I seriously doubt it will). I hope they have a great time... talking! :)

Thanks so much for reading our blog. I appreciate those who do. Leave a comment or suggestion when you get the time. I love hearing feedback on what we post.

Next week: I plan on beginning an overview on the United States Consitution and what it means so stay tuned. Also, we hope to post wedding pictures for your enjoyment (Camille). Joel is one of the two wedding photographers (you can pray for him in that way as well), so I'm sure we'll have at least one good photo.

Have a lovely weekend, and I'll see you next week.


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