Saturday, February 9, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday Johanna!

Tuesday was Johanna's 10th birthday! We had so much to do that day that I totally didn't find the time to write! So, here I am almost a week later finally blogging about my "little sister" who's not so little anymore! I really can't believe how tall she's gotten, we almost see eye to eye. She's already a decade young! (Above, Jo and her special cake)

Look! A matching journal and notecards! And of course its pink with flowers on it. I love her expression and the way her eyes are so big and beautiful.

Dad and I made the cake, and I guess you could call it a "fruit cake" in the sense that it had several kinds of fruit, but is not like those fruit cakes you receive for Christmas. It was very tasty and especially with the yummy blue frosting and pecans!

Happy 10th Birthday Johanna. I love you!

A bit of trivia regarding her name:

It is pronounced Jo-hon-ah, unlike Jo-hann-ah, and the reasoning behind that is when she was born, Mom & Dad wanted to name her a biblical name that meant "grace" because all of the David Kautt ladies have either a first or middle name that means "grace". So, they came up with a very interesting plan. Dad's father's name is John and Mom's mother's name is Anna so they smuched those two together and out came her name as it stands today... Johanna. She is named after her two grandparents, pretty neat!

She has grown into a little lady over the past 12 months, and its hard to think that she's not a little girl anymore, she is getting so tall and mature. I am thankful fo Jo and all she does around here. She is very intelligent and loves to read books, write in her journal, write stories, and talk.

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