Saturday, March 1, 2008

Johanna's Birthday ~ Finding the clues

For Jo's birthday (02-05-2008), Caleb & Phoebe decided to have a "little fun", and create a treasure hunt of sorts for Jo to have to "work" to find her gift. It was really quite funny watching, and following her around the house as she found clue after clue leading her to the gift. Here are some of the pictures we snapped whilst she hunted. Enjoy!

The message on the first note read:

Dear Johanna,

We just wanted to say a BIG "Happy Birthday!" There is a surprise for you, but you have to follow the clues to find out what it is!

The first clue! On the piano.

Clue # 1: You use me every day, with which you like to play. I have strings, cushions, and a seat.

What's this? One in the broom closet?!

Clue # 2: I'm thin, I'm tall, and I have four walls. I hold something with which to clean, that is thin and tall.

Aha! I found it in my boots!

Clue # 3: I am well worn, I am daily worn (usually), I am quite warm, and I am made of black leather.

Another one on the fridge!

Clue # 4: I have two doors, I am cold inside, I am ugly green, I am fat, I am tall, so what do you think of that?

Reading it carefully, on the closet door.

Clue # 5: I hold apparel, I have four walls and a roof, I hold boxes, I have a door that faces south, and I have a light.

Eurecka! I have found it... at last.

Clue # 6: Good job! Okay, here is the final clue: I am dark tan, and I am hiding behind an aerosol can.

Happy Birthday!!

With Love,

Dad, Mom, Joel, Abby, Caleb, Phoebe & Jaden.

A twine holder for me! Made especially (and with love) by Caleb.

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