Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jennifer's Wedding - The Reception

The new Mr. & Mrs. Charles Jurden!

The Bride's cake ~ It was so pretty!

Cutting the Bride's cake

The Groom's cake ~ It was all eaten, and in a flash!

Cutting the Groom's cake.

Stuffin' the cake!

Charles & Dennis - The catcher of the garter

Jennifer and the young lady who caught the bouquet

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Anonymous said...

The wedding looks like it was the celebration of the year for sure. I am so happy for Jennifer, Charles and Lexi, and trust that as they live for Jesus God will bless their marriage and their lives with fruitful work for the Lord.
Of course the grooms cake was all eaten! It was chocolate, and why don't they make the brides cake chocolate too--most people prefer that. It is moist and white is dry. Yuck. Give me a cookie. :0)