Monday, January 7, 2008

Jaden's Birthday pictures

"Now I'm 5 years old!"

Jaden with his cake 'n ice cream

All his wonderful gifts

Birthday boy
OK, so by now you know that we are really bad about posting on a consistent basis. So much has been going on in our life lately (and always) that it seems like the only time we get on the computer its either to check for email or do something else on the net.

Here are some pictures taken the morning of Jaden's birthday, and than 2 days later, of his gifts and cake 'n ice cream. He was sick on his birthday and the day after, so we had to postpone his cake and ice cream for a while, but he got to enjoy it... 2 days late!

(Orange is his absolute favorite color!) Sorry, the photos didn't turn out the way we wanted them to. The lighting wasn't the best, plus he doesn't look his best in some of the photos. The photo of him and his cake, is really bad due to the lighting and also he still looks like he's sick. He is doing just fine now, and is as full of energy as ever! Praise God for blessing our family with Jaden J. Kautt on Dec. 19, 2002! We love you Ja!


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