Thursday, January 17, 2008

Christmas - Saturday Dec. 29 Gifts from Dad

Here are the pictures that we took of the first of several Christmas gift exchanges.

Dad went Christmas shopping for gifts for his children the week before Christmas. He wanted to present them early, so he choose to do so after we had family worship on Saturday morning.

Joel and his drill

He gave Joel & Caleb drills (DeWalt, Makita), both used but in great working condition. They will use them a lot around here with all the different projects they have and things to fix. :)

Phoebe and her baking dish

Johanna and her dish
He gave Jo, Phoebe & myself different items for our HopeChests. Johanna & Phoebe both received glass baking dishes, and a serving dish each. I received a glass 4 cup measuring cup. I really enjoyed getting it, and look forward to the day (Lord willing) that I'll be able to use it.

Me and my glass measuring cup

Jaden and his wrenches
To Jaden he gave a set of Metric wrenches, and he was just thrilled. Jaden already has his own tool box with quite a few tools, thanks to some garage sales he's been to. :)


Uncle Jimmy said...

Dear Abby and the rest,
Thanks so much for the nice photos you sent of your Christmas gifts and of Jaden's birthday. We enjoyed looking at them and reading them. We pray that you are all well and we look forward to your next blog entries.

Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Naomi

The Kautts said...

Dear Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Naomi,
Thank you so much for the comment! We love getting them and it was really cool that you decided to leave one on the site. Be looking for some more posts about our Christmas.

For the bloggers @ Texas Skies