Friday, November 16, 2007

Remember Joel

Jaden & Joel digging for fossils
Today, Joel the eldest Kautt Kid, left for 10 days of vacation in what we call "heaven on earth" i.e. Colorado. The other children and Dadikins took him to Uncle Jay's house in Ft. Worth. The rest are coming home as I write this. Joel will be traveling with, Poppy & Grams, Uncle Anthony, Uncle Jay & Uncle Abe. This will be a "working" vacation, I'll let Joel explain in a later post on his vacation.

Please pray that Joel will:
-Have Safe travel both to and from CO.
-Be a bright, faithful witness to the others he's with
-Be rejuvenated and refreshed after months of stress
-Have a lovely time in the mountains
-Not get sick (or homesick)
-Sleep well :)

We'll have to post pictures of his trip after he returns. He took three cameras (including our only digital) with him and he 's quite the photographer, so we'll possibly have some good ones to share upon his return.

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