Monday, October 15, 2007

Train Your Eyes On These Photos

Most of you know that Caleb and I (as well as Phoebe) are big fans of railroad and model railroad type stuff. We enjoy "railfanning" (watching and photographing trains) when we have the opportunity. Here are some railroad related photos taken by either Caleb, Phoebe or myself in the last several months. Hope you find them interesting!

A TXU crew unloads a huge electrical related piece of machinary in McKinney - March 2007

A "Trackmobile" at work at the Encore Wire Plant in McKinney - April 2007

A looooong freight train (5 locomotives and at least 100 cars -first time for us to see such on this railline) struggles uphill near Van Alstyne, Tx. - August 2007

A railroad track allignment machine sidetracked in McKinney - August 2007

A colorful freight train stopped near downtown McKinney - September 2007

A very unique locomotive undergoes maintenance work by a Cummins tech. This "enviro-friendly" locomotive (termed a "Green Goat") has a large bank of batteries from which it derives its power. The batteries are charged via a diesel generator. This is quite a bit different from a normal diesel-electric locomotive.

A Union Pacific train heads away from downtown through eastern Dallas - October 2007

Hauling ballast for railroad track - October 2007

A pair of locomotives that are probably nearly 50 years old (very old for train locomotives still in active service) shove a long cut of intermodal container cars into the Garland railyard - October 2007
More to come in the future!

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