Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Seven years... reflections

Our Abode

Today we, the David Kautt family, mark seven years since moving into this house. We look back at how marvelously our heavenly Father worked to bring us here.

When we moved to McKinney almost 17 years ago, Northwest Christian Church provided a 3-bedroom parsonage, adequate for a family with two small children. As the years passed, we added three more arrows to our quiver, for a total of 7 bodies occupying an 1100 square foot house. Legs got longer, three small closets became quite crowded, and the limitation of only one bathroom frequently proved awkward. By the time we had occupied the house eight years, David and I had agreed to ask no man, but to petition our heavenly Father for a larger abode.

After several visits to our home, our friend Joe Phillips (one of the deacons at our church) began noting the deterioration of the old house, and our cramped quarters. He proposed to our church board a remodel of the parsonage – calling for major repairs and an expansion of floor / storage space. It soon became apparent that not only would this be a dramatic undertaking, but it would entail disproportionate expense. The goal shifted to finding a different place for the Kautts.

After a long, hot summer of looking and finding nothing suitable, the decision was made to have a house built. We began the search for a piece of property and pored over floor plans. On the day we were to take the church board members to see the model home we’d chosen, our sweet realtor, Cindy Peters, convinced us to look at "just one more" house. By now she knew us pretty well and she thought this one might work for us.

She was correct! We scrapped the plans to build and – a very long story made short – moved into 2119 Redondo on October 17, 2000.

For seven years we have enjoyed this quiet neighborhood, thick with gorgeous oak trees. (The neighbors might question whether our five, and then six, children added to the quietude!) Our neighbors have been so kind, some of them not only tolerating, but even encouraging our children in their creative endeavors. The house has been wonderful for our needs of home educating our children and exercising Biblical hospitality. Of course, it’s not perfect. I can still hear Joel’s exhortation of seven years ago: "Mom, there is no perfect house." He’s right. However, this one was pretty close to perfect!

We’ve made many happy memories here. The most significant event, we all agree, was Jaden’s home birth nearly five years ago. Dear, precious Jaden. What would our lives be without him? He’s so much fun! A blessing from the Lord.

Some of the highlights of our time in this house are: Phoebe’s & Johanna’s spiritual re-births, working with RCCF (the cowboy church), our unbelievable Colorado vacation, Joel’s Creation Apologetics booth and speech at Rendezvous 2007, celebrating David’s 25 years in ministry, and celebrating David & Julia’s 25th wedding anniversary, honoring David’s parents on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Of course, there have been dozens of others we could mention, for the Lord has blessed us super-abundantly. (We’d have to write a book!) We will be ever grateful to Joe Phillips and the people of Northwest Christian Church who have given us the privilege of living in this lovely house while we serve our church family. Thank you, Abba Father, for this beautiful, gracious gift you have given us. To Yahweh goes all the glory.

The David Kautt family

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