Monday, August 4, 2014

Our Summer So Far ~

Our summer has been cram-packed with all sorts of things, some of which we've already blogged about (see here and here).  But, I was just recently looking at our photos, and noticed that there were several photos that I hadn't blogged about, so here we go.  :)

Okay, technically this wasn't quite the summer (June 16th), but close enough.  We went to watch one of our close family friends, Isaac, play some softball. 

Mr. Isaac up to bat.

Got his first hit of the season: a single.

Who's on first? ;)

Waiting for his second at-bat.

Our "kitty" had kittens.  She had four, but sadly two of them have died.  The two that survived we named Dusk and Dumpling.  :)

Now, this was officially in the summer. ;)  July 4th I decided we needed to have some kabobs.  So, I grilled them up! 

Abby made a coleslaw (and other things) to go with the kabobs.

Deviled eggs go great with a lot of things!

Playin' the mandolin for a while, waiting for the grill to do it's job.

Looks like the grill did good!  Nom, nom!

Now THAT'S one good looking plate of food.

On the 12th of July we went down to Dallas, to Caleb and Claudia's home, and surprised Caleb for his 22nd birthday.  Ate pizza, visited, watched him open a few presents, watched part of a baseball game, and just had fun.  :)

The boot star!

Six of us were wearing boots, so we decided to snap a picture.

We have several tomato plants (roma and beef steak), and boy have they produced a bunch of tomatoes!

We also got some onions from our garden.

Fresh tomato slice, onion slice, with some homemade cheese, on a piece of homemade oat bread - sooo good! 

This is Dumpling, the older of the two kitties.  He's a ginger-tabby like his mom.  :)

And this is Dusk - she's basically all grey, except for a few streaks of yellow, and white 'socks'.

Joel came up for the weekend a couple weekends ago, and brought part of his drum set.  So we rocked out a bit.

Our cantaloupe (and watermelon) vines have gone crazy, and we've gone 6 or 7 large ones already. 

There's nothing better than a cold slice (or 2 or 3 or 4...) of cantaloupe on a hot summer day. 

The creator's art

This past Saturday evening we had a close friend of ours, Jared, up to have dinner with him.  He is moving far, far away (okay, only like 6 hours), because he has a job with a fire department, where he'll be in training for the next several weeks to be a fireman. 

We'll miss you, Jared!

And we had to do one crazy picture - although I don't think Dad got the memo... 

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