Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Here are some pictures of what we've been up to lately.  :)

Abby, the day we left to take her to Tyler, for her to help our aunt move to Pennsylvania. 

Zak and E.G. love playing with Jaden.  :)


Johanna wears the stickers E.G. was handing out.  


Silly faces

Abby helped drive one of the four vehicles in their caravan.  I believe the suburban in this picture is our Aunt Jill's.

Aunt Jen & Uncle Charles' new living room.  

This college is very close to Aunt Jen's new home. 

Grams looks very small next to these statues! 

Miss E.G.

Three sisters: Grams (Anna), Aunt Minada and Aunt Charlotte. 

Poppy & Grams

Picnic and visiting

I love this sequence of photos.  :)

Four siblings: Aunt Charlotte, Uncle Chuck, Aunt Minada and Grams 

A little more serious...

Not for long!

The beautiful housing on Aunt Jen's street (I think). 

Abby was gone on Mother's Day, but the rest of us went down to Dallas to hang out with Grandma, Joel, Jason, Jessica, Caleb & Claudia, and our friends Mrs. D and Isaac.  

Caleb fills water balloons.  

Dinner out back.

Joel and Jo chat. 

Claudia being mischievous. 

"Joel's story table"  ;)

Gotta play some baseball.
It's always fun with these guys. 

May 17th we had an apologetics/worldview seminar at our church.  Sadly, we didn't have a large turnout, but it was good nonetheless!  (Dad is talking in this photo.)

Jaden helps by running the camera. :)

Joel talked about the importance of having a Biblical worldview.

For the last session we watched a great video presentation by Carl Kerby, entitled, "Evolution in Pop Culture." 

The book table.

Mom wore this gorgeous outfit on Saturday.  :)
 Abby and I went to a tea party for the little girls at our church, to help out and have fun, of course.  :)  We got to dress up, and eat yummy food and I took pictures.
Abby at the tea party


Johanna did my hair.  And I'm wearing her dress. ;)

I love this girl!  :)


Siblings photo - minus Caleb & Claudia

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