Monday, July 8, 2013

Our New Home, Part 2

The Lord's hand has so obviously been guiding and providing in every step of the process of bringing together the Community Christian Church-Durant and the David Kautt family.  Our housing is no exception.

Phoebe has posted pictures and I told you about how we landed on this particular home. Now I want to give you some particulars that continue to amaze me.  Even though they may seem insignificant to others, they speak volumes to me of our Heavenly Father's care for us. Evidently He has taken delight in delighting us with these minutiae, above and beyond the necessities.

Any time David and I have discussed building our own house, he has expressed his desire for a one-story, brick ranch, with a metal roof.  Look again at the pictures.  What do you see?

We asked for 3 bedrooms.  Our Abba delighted to bless us with 4.  We asked for 2 bathrooms. Abba provided 2 1/2. And there is extra room, to boot. And, marvel of marvels, all within our budget.

We asked for a kitchen where all four of us ladies could work comfortably. There is plenty of room for that, as well. Loads of cabinets and counter space and sinks on both sides of the room!

We wanted a place where we can exercise hospitality frequently. There's plenty of room for overnight guests and for entertaining family, friends, church family.

A few months back, the kids were talking about how "cool" it would be to paint one wall of a room with chalkboard paint. Look again at the pictures. The girls' room has just that! Framed, no less!

I prayed that our next place would have fruit and nut trees.  There's a peach tree and 3 pecan trees, all of which we may harvest.  The landlord has tried to plant other fruit trees, which died.  I suspect he won't object if we plant 3-4 more!

We wanted a place in the country, where we could grow food.  This be the place!  There's plenty of room for a garden. The board fence will hopefully help stave off hungry, thieving critters.

And it's a simple route, not too far to the church building.
We like to open the windows when the weather is appropriate. In one of the houses we had considered in Durant, the windows were painted shut. The windows in this house have been updated and open easily!! Every room  has at least one, even our walk-in closet!

As we were looking around Durant on June 20th, David and I re-visited an old school house that Debra had pointed out on the 19th. Someone had wanted to make a restaurant out of it, but abandoned it in the midst of a remodel. David and I stopped, walked around the building, peered into windows.  For days afterward, David daydreamed about buying that place and fixing it up.

We prefer wooden floors. David and I even considered stained concrete floors in a house we wanted to build.  Our new home used to be an old school house.  [So David gets his dream of living in an old school house!]  Previous owners replaced termite-riddled floors with concrete. The bedrooms and living room are carpeted, but the rest of the house has textured concrete, each area with a different pattern. The dining room / kitchen floor looks like distressed wood planks! Might be a bit of a challenge to get clean, but no one will be slipping on a smooth floor, should it get wet.

We like open living / dining area. Check. We like ceiling fans. Check. We like lots of natural light. Check.

On top of that, there's a huge storage room, a covered area where we can keep bikes and lawn equipment, a storm cellar, a large wisteria bush, and - a definite "frosting on the cake" element - a spacious laundry room with a window, lots of cabinets, a folding-counter, a clothing hang-up bar right beside the dryer, and room to set up an ironing board.

We don't like cookie-cutter houses.  We prefer a house with character.  Abba-Sir has SUPER-ABUNDANTLY blessed us with that and so much more.  How can we ever thank Him enough?!  "What shall I render to the Lord for all His benefits toward me?"  The One who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, who paints gorgeous sunsets and who clothes the flowers of the field has certainly lavished loving details on us.

We happily anticipate many satisfying hours in this new place, loving each other as a family, becoming acquainted with our new church family, ministering to the needs of others, using this as an embassy of light for our Savior and God in our community.

Waiting is such sweet agony!  Seventeen days, and counting!!!!

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Grace said...

Well my Dearest Kautt Family, As I wept with you while you wept those months ago, I now rejoice with you as you rejoice in this new chapter of the love and provision of our precious Lord and Savior. My prayers for you continue as you make this transition. I praise the Lord for the testimony He has given you as a family and as individuals. He has given you a new place to serve and, no doubt now, to be served. I'm thankful for your recognition where this provision comes from for which you are willing to freely express to others. May His name be praised and glorified as we watch this unfold.