Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers!

Yesterday I trekked outside (so far, right?!), and around the block a couple times, and noticed that just on our block there are so many beautiful flowers in full bloom right now.  There were a lot of irises, of all different colors and shades, and several other types of flower, too.  So, I came back inside, grabbed the camera, and set off to capture some of spring's beauty. 

All the different iris varieties, colors and shades are fascinating. 

Brilliant orange!

Mr. Squirrel I tried to capture a closer picture of, but he wouldn't let me. 

This tree is so photogenic.

An old wooden planter.

A perfect name for a street!

More bright orange!

White picket fences are so homey.  :)



and more irises. 

I love these planters hanging from the ceiling. 

Such a creative idea!

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