Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Uncle Jim & Aunt Naomi's Visit

It's been a very full past two and a half weeks here at the Kautt house.  Our Uncle Jim and Aunt Naomi from Germany came over on the 9th and just left on the 25th.  They are missionaries in Tuebingen, pastoring a small international Christian church, as well as doing many other things for the Kingdom, and to support themselves.  Well, this house is already packed full of people and things, so adding two more people and their belongings was quite a challenge, but we managed to survive it!  We girls camped out downstairs through out the entire time they were here, and we worked around more stuff, but all in all, it was a very enjoyable visit. 

So as not to bore you with too many words, I will now endeavor to tell the story of their stay with photographs, mainly.  Hopefully I won't bore you with too many photos, either!!  Haha! :) 

Aunt Naomi made two delicious meals while they were here.  The first one (above) was a Thai Curry dish.  SO good!

This Thai Curry was THE best!

Of course, I had to capture Uncle Jim spooning it in. ;)  We all enjoyed it. 

One of the morning they were here, Aunt Naomi fixed for us a typical Japanese breakfast: stinky socks (i.e. Natto, or fermented soy beans), with sticky white rice, kimchi and seaweed.  It really wasn't too bad, but definitely not something I would have for breakfast every morning!

Now, THIS is something I would have for breakfast.  In fact, I do most mornings.  :)  Bunny in the hole and toast. 

Many games of 'Spicy Uno', a faster pace version of Uno, were played.  If I were to estimate how many games played, probably more than 100.  Yep.

I made some strawberry ice cream, as well as peanut-butter and pina-colada ice cream. 

While Johanna made delicious strawberry-lemon cheese cake. 

One of our many traditions with Uncle Jim and Aunt Naomi is getting Bubble (or Boba) Tea.  This time we ran over to the local Fat Straws, and picked up some.  They are so refreshing and yummy! 
Aunt Naomi, Johanna, Uncle Jim and Jaden.
Those are indeed FAT STRAWS.  :)

Aunt Naomi is so beautiful!  :)

Lunch, after Bubble Tea.  (Yeah, we kinda had the dessert first!) 

Love this guy!  Uncle Jim. 
Thursday, the 14th, we kids got together with our long time friends, the D's.  We've known them for more than 15 years, and we have become like brothers and sisters.  Such a fun time was had!

This gigantic friend ice cream plate was shared with all of my siblings. 

Caleb's delicious-looking taco salad.  Mmmmm...

Good fellowship, conversation and lots of laughter!

Clock wise starting at bottom left: Johanna, Joel, Isaac, Talley (Daniel's fiance), Daniel, Andrew, Jaden, Abby and Caleb.
Cafe Brazil is a nice restaurant. 

We stood out in front of the building, trying to decide what to do with the next hour of our time.  We finally decided to go to the D's house, and play some Apples to Apples.
This happens to be a pizza from Coffee Bar, in Downtown Lewisville.  It was quite delicious. 

The second meal Aunt Naomi created for us was another Asian one.  Spring rolls (above), Sushi (below), and stir-fry.  She hit it out of the ball-park once again!
Asian cuisine... right in our kitchen! 

My contribution to the meal was very un-Asian: carrot cake.  Even so, everyone enjoyed it.  :)

This day was a very busy one; not only were our cousins visiting, but also a friend of Mom's was stopping past, as well.  So, our house was quite full, to say the least!
A competitive game of Monopoly. 
Mom and Mrs. W. 

On Friday, the 22nd, we all (minus Caleb and Grandma) were privileged to tour the Institute for Creation Research buildings.  We have toured there before a couple times, but this time was for our Uncle and Aunt.  I am devoting an entire post to that adventure, so you will have to wait.  :)

Jo's cheesecake and my ice cream.

One of the nights we had a delightful cook-out. 

Yes, another game of Spicy Uno.  What did I tell you?  We played LOTS of games!!!!
I remember every time our Uncle (and then our Aunt, once he was married) would come over, we always had such fun.  But, then of course, he always had to leave.  That was the worst part.  As we raced him down the road (one of our weird Kautt traditions), sometimes we'd even cry.  Well, it's not much different now, though we don't cry, knowing that, Lord willing, we'll see him again soon.  But, still, "parting is such sweet sorrow," as the saying goes. 

We snapped several photos before they had to scurry off to catch their flight.  Some of them were kind of blurry; I was taking them in rapid fashion, and didn't always get them into perfect focus! 

Jo, Uncle Jim, Jaden , Abby and Joel.

Jo, Uncle Jim, Abby and Joel

Aunt Naomi, Johanna, Jaden, Uncle Jim, Abby, Joel and Grandma.

Abby, Aunt Naomi, Jaden, Uncle Jim, Dad (peaking behind Grandma), Grandma, and yours truly.

It was quite chilly out there.  I'm not quite sure WHY Jaden was out there in shorts and a short-sleeve shirt.  Crazy boy!! 

Hugs, hugs, hugs. 

Lots and lots of hugs. 

And more hugs.

Jo and Aunt Naomi.  Such dear, lovely ladies.  :)

Abby shares a laugh with Uncle Jim.

Don't squeeze him to death!!

Uncle Jim tries his hand on Joel.  Not quite the same...

"You're too heavy!" 
We formed a circle and prayed before they departed. 
Off to the airport, and back to Germany!

Don't know if you can see it, but Abby and Jaden are on the side-walk on the right side.  They're in position to race the vehicles . 
Run, run, run!!

Our last words and glances as they depart.  

"The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul.  The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore."  Psalm 121:7-8

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